GCP Year in Review 2020


The UCSF Global Cancer Program 2020 Year in Review was an opportunity for us all to reflect on our progress and challenges this past year. Though 2020 brought many challenges, the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (HDFCCC) Global Cancer Program (GCP) continued to pursue our mission to reduce the global cancer burden through innovative research, education, and collaboration. Our strong, existing partnerships in East Africa, Latin America, and Asia have been able to adapt approaches and continue to carry out activities while maintaining safety. As we plan for continued, sustainable growth of our program, we reflect back on several highlights from the year.

 In this event, we heard from four of our Global Cancer Program Fellows who shared their experiences from this past year. Many thanks to our Fellows –Dr. Kimambo, Dr. Espinosa-Tamez, Dr. Thanh An and Dr. Buckle –for their hard work and for sharing their experiences. Together we celebrate our accomplishments in 2020.

Listen to the recording here.

Key Highlights from 2020