Our Values

The Global Cancer Program is guided by a core set of values. These values were developed through a reflective process by the leadership team in 2020. In preparation for this strategic plan, these values have been refined with inputs from key partners in the program. Our values will determine how we implement our strategic plan, how we make decisions regarding Program direction, and how we interact as Program members. Below we define each value for the Global Cancer Program:


  • Partnership & Accompaniment: Work together as equals, with a commitment to bi-directional collaboration, through providing support and empowerment for the self-realization of goals and desired outcomes
  • Responsiveness to Partner Priorities: Make decisions with LMIC leaders that prioritize their goals, needs, and interests
  • Innovation: Develop new or improved systems, services, technologies, or other products that improve people’s health in the form of improved efficiency, effectiveness, quality, safety, and/or affordability
  • Empowerment: Enable investigators from both UCSF and our international partner sites to develop and thrive as authentic, values-driven leaders in global cancer control
  • Respect & Humility: Embody a mindset of continual learning, awareness of bias, and esteem for others • Impact: Inform and change cancer care practices, policy, and outcomes
  • Equity: Equip individuals with comprehensive tools and resources for equal success
  • Sustainability: Foster progress that can independently continue