GCP Celebrates International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, the UCSF HDFCC Global Cancer Program extends our gratitude and admiration to the incredible women who dedicate their time to advancing cancer research on a global scale. International women cancer researchers embody resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment to eradicate the global inequities in cancer research and care. Their groundbreaking contributions transcend borders by fostering collaborations that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. They contribute to healing the sick but also inspire hope, empower communities, and shape the future of healthcare. Their unwavering dedication not only propels scientific advancements but also serves as an inspiration for future generations of women aspiring to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Today, we celebrate and honor these remarkable women, recognizing their pivotal role in building a healthier, more equitable world for all.


Here are some of GCP’s remarkable women and why it is important to celebrate today:

Sarah K Nyagabona, MD, Mmed, PhD “When we invest in women, we cultivate a future of strength’ innovation and boundless potential.”








Pricilla Espinosa Tamez, MD “When women lead, they transform their environment by creating empowering, collaborative, people-oriented, and inclusive team dynamics that drive groundbreaking field advancements!”








Beatrice Mushi, MD, MPH “Reimagining leadership for me means transcending cultural hierarchies and accepting diverse gender perspectives for innovative development and sustainable change.”