Celebration of Innovations in Cancer Care: UCSF-Mexico Cancer Collaboration Annual Meeting

In January 2020, the Global Cancer Program hosted the "UCSF-Mexico Cancer Collaboration Annual Meeting" with partners from Instituto Nacional Cancerologia (INCan), Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (INSP), the Instituto Nacional de Medicina Genómica (INMEGEN). The UCSF-Mexico Cancer Initiative aims to strengthen regional cancer research capacity and expand the institutional cancer research portfolios and training activities of partners in Mexico. This partnership has initiated projects in colorectal cancer screening and adaptation of UCSF technologies to improve pediatric cancer diagnostics in Mexico. The partnership also recently received funding from the NIH to examine human papillomavirus (HPV)-linked cancers in HIV-infected populations.

The Annual Meeting, hosted for the first time in Mexico City at the Casa de la Universidad de California, included a research symposium to present progress, facilitate knowledge sharing, and problem-solve among the collaboration. The meeting also included an evening "Celebration of Innovations in Cancer Care" where stakeholders proclaimed the unique elements of the partnership and future possibilities to create more opportunities for Mexican clinicians and scientists to study, prevent, and treat the specific cancer needs of populations in Mexico. [Read more about our Latin American partnership here]