Our Vision
Eradicate the global inequities in cancer research and care.
Our Mission
Accompany our partners to reduce the global cancer burden through innovative research, education, and collaboration.
Through education and mentorship, we are investing in the next generation of researchers to address the global cancer burden.
We are leveraging UCSF’s incredible scientific resources to develop pioneering solutions for the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancers in resource-limited settings.
The work of our international partners is compelling and inspiring. We aim to enhance their efforts through sustained partnership in education, research, and cancer care delivery.

Our Objectives

  • To perform innovative research and quality improvement that addresses the disparate burden of cancer in low and middle-income countries (LMICs).
  • To empower leaders in global cancer care and research through education, training, and mentorship for trainees and early career faculty in LMICs and at UCSF.
  • To foster collaborations to sustainably impact the global cancer burden.